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Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Surfing In Santa Cruz ~ Photography By Terry Way

Today was an interesting day in Santa Cruz. The massive earthquake in Japan hours earlier had Tsunami warnings spread across the Pacific. There also was a nice swell running and the best bank the Rivermouth has seen in years. The harbor police took extra precaution but plenty of damage occured to boats and dock structures nonetheless.
Meanwhile, the Santa Cruz Rivermouth was being surfed by a couple dozen locals.
As the water receeded, the sandbar was exposed as if it was a minus tide
Middle Peak at The Lane can be seen breaking during this first major tidal pull
Crowds lined the street to watch the action
One inventive photographer had a remote controlled helicopter buzzing the lineup
Ryan Augustine
Nice sets of waves seemed to coincide with the tidal push
Surf photog extrardinaire Dave "Nelly" Nelson documents the scene from the roof of a car
Another big drain out
                          For more interesting tsunami images, see Jeff Kookson's gallery @ Santa Cruz Waves.
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