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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mexico Marvilloso! ~ Some Images From A Week Down In Oaxaca ~ Terry Way Photography

Our flight to Houston was diverted to Austin and required a 3 hour Yellow Cab ride through the night to make our connecting flight to Mexico. We hooked up with two other travelers and learned of how our driver Teklehainanot found his way to America from Eritrea in a nine month odyssey. As fate would have it, @koreejoo (the guy in the center) was on our flight back to SF after his week in Costa Rica! Classic ride.
first stop after arriving...
This part of Oaxaca is known for beaches blown with massive amounts of sand

A four wheel drive is required to get to the beach
Santiago was our first driver. An experienced ATV rider, he knew how to navigate the dunes

What we came for. Surfing photos : BK
Greg in his happy place - a big green tube!
My turn

Greg, threading a beast of a tube

Some morning's Greg and I were able to have it to ourselves before any other trucks arrived.

Me on another morning. Photos: Santiago


Me on an inside runner
Of Course, we were never alone for long. East Coast surfer Colin Herlihy joined us each morning.

Santa Catarina, Brasil surfer Terence was ripping while his model wife bronzed
Me, racing through a frothy one

The water was so warm and clear, I tool some time to put my gopro to the test.

Logan Banks

Greg turned me on to peanut butter and banana sandwiches 35 years ago and I thank you for it.
Mango season
BK blew out his flip flops
three amigos


con Hermenio. Downtown Salina Cruz

I found some cool street art around town

BK named Greg The Commander for his dawn patrol program. When we came across this odd bar in the middle of nowhere a portrait seemed appropriate.
Here are more portraits...





Scenes on the beach...


BK, still styling with a blown back

Local know how

Squad 52 was classic

Santa Cruz ripper Tyler Morrish

John Wilson

Tyrone "Chod" Brendel
Willie "Boots"

Logan Banks

I had Greg try my board one morning. It was the shortest board he has ridden in many years!



and lastly, BK's epic boardbag!

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