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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Random Access Memories ~ Flipping Through the Archives Vol.2 ~ Film Days 1980's-90's and Into the 2000's ~ Terry Way Photography

More images from my life as a photographer. These, of course, were all shot on film. Enjoy flipping through my visions from the past. No order, just images.

Brooklyn Bridge with NYC skyline. 1994 . Shot on infrared film

NYC 1994 infrared

Gina in Los Angeles, post riots 1994

Los Angeles 1994
Westside Santa Cruz 1994. Infrared film
Northern California Coast 1989
La Jolla 1985 (I wish I had not included my Subaru in the background! What an amateur)
Santa Cruz 1989
Miss Beach Street 1989
Las Vegas 2000
Bob Dylan, House of Blues, Las Vegas 2000
With John and Gina meeting up with New Orleans singing legend, the Tan Canary himself, Mr Johnny Adams 1993

New Orleans finest 1993
Bob Dylan, Jazz Fest, New Orleans 1993
El Colgado (The Hanged Man) Taco Stand. Baja 1990
Don Ramon. Pavones, Costa Rica 1990
My parents were real bullfight aficianados. Here they are in the center of the crowd at the old Bullring by the Sea in Tijuana. 1984
I took advantage of this opportunity to photograph an assignment for my photojournalism class at SDSU. 1984

Everyone has their opinion about bullfighting but one thing is for sure, it is gnarly.

Reggae Godfather, Lee "Scratch" Perry. Maritime Hall, San Francisco, 1998

Bootsy Collins. Palookaville, Santa Cruz 2001

The King of Funk, George Clinton. Palookaville, Santa Cruz 2001
Wally Boss, Oregon 1985
Oregon 1985
Basque Country, Spain 1988
I walked into this empty bar in the Basque region of Spain and this guy was cranking Leonard Cohen's "Take This Waltz" at top volume. I had never heard the song before and was completely blown away. 1988

Public Enemy. The Catalyst 1992
Lux Interior and Poison Ivy of The Cramps. Exotic Erotic Ball, San Francisco 1994
West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz 1990

North Coast 1990

Molokai 1991

Playa Azul, Baja Sur 1994

Sunny Cove, Santa Cruz 1995

Downtown Santa Cruz, post earthquake 1989

The Human Jukebox. First Earth Day Celebration. Golden Gate Park 1990
Grimes Poznikov (August 5, 1946 – October 27, 2005), known as "The Human Jukebox," was a fixture of San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf in the 1970s and 1980s. He was a street performer, who would wait in a cardboard refrigerator box until a passerby offered him a donation and requested a song. He would then pop out of the box and play the requested song on a trumpetkazoo, or one of a number of other instruments.
Posnikov was born in Neodesha, Kansas to Albert Poznik, a lawyer, and Bernie Poznik, a performing artist and singer. From an early age he learned to play any musical instrument from piano to trumpet and drums. He graduated from Neodesha High School in 1964 and continued his education at Cornell College, graduating in 1969 with a degree in psychology.
After graduating from college, Poznikov taught elementary school in Chicago, Illinois for three years. While teaching, he became involved in the peace movement and he was arrested at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago with other anti-war protesters while blowing "America the Beautiful" on the trumpet. In 1972, he set up a trailer during the 1972 Republican National Convention in Miami, Florida, calling it the "American Lobotomy Machine". He and other peace demonstrators sat in it for hours, pretending to be brainwashed into being "good Americans."
Poznikov was arrested several times for selling marijuana. His teeth were knocked out by police during the last arrest in the late 1980s, ending his ability to play trumpet. He later suffered from schizophrenia, began abusing drugs heavily, and ended up living on the streets. He died on October 27, 2005, of alcohol poisoning.

Chris Brow. Mavericks 1999

Jeff Clark. Mavericks 1999

Jay Moriarity. Mavericks 1999

Shane MacGowan. The Catalyst. Santa Cruz 2001

San Quentin 1994 infrared

San Francisco 1994 infrared

Golden Gate 1994 infrared

Bangkok 1988

Paris 1985

Vallarie & Kim. San Francisco 1990

Bangkok Punks 1988. Amazingly, this was the ONLY shot I tool of these characters drawing a large crowd in Bangkok. Today I would have shot hundreds.

Sacred Pool. Vatulele, Fiji 1987 . Known as the Island of the Red Prawns. Pure Fiji roots. Now a several thousand $ a night resort has taken over the pristine island. 
Fiji Moon. 1987

Ben's feet. Fiji 1987
Uluwatu, Bali at it's best 2-3 times overhead and no one out! 1988Uluwatu, Bali 1988 Before the cliff was developed

Ubud, Bali 1992

Ubud, Bali 1992
Bali 1988
Children are revered in Bali. 1992
St. Croix 1995

Pond Lily's sharing a joke. Santa Cruz 1992

Bali Cafe 1992

Costa Rica Cafe 1990

Peep. NYC 1994

New Zealand 1992

New Zealand 1992

Mount Taranaki. New Zealand 1992

Fishing Boat, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica 1990

Santorini, Greece 1988

Grave of Jim Morrison. Paris 1985

Mexico 1995

Nigel Newton, butcher. New Zealand 1988

Costa Rica 1990

New Orleans 1993

Pamplona, Spain 1985

49er's fan. San Francisco 1985

Mendocino Coast. 1985

Barcelona Balcony View.Las Ramblas. 1985

Party with Laura. Roma 1988

Lennox Head, Australia 1988

Vallarie. Austrailia 1988

Kim. Mardi Gras Museum. New Orleans. 1993

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